Carrie Lukas

This should mean that religious organizations shouldn't have to engage in activities, or offer services or products that conflict with their core values. The Administration's rule recognizes this in part so provides exemptions for entities that are explicitly houses of worship, but will still force the requirement on other entities with religious ties.

What will be the result? Likely, some organizations that object to birth control will simply stop providing health insurance at all rather than violate core convictions. How's that good for women?

Americans should celebrate the existence of groups that represent a wide variety of belief systems. The recent controversy about the Susan G. Komen Foundation's decision to withdraw—and then reinstate—Planned Parenthood as eligible for foundation grants shows how this process works.

Komen, with its sole focus on fighting breast cancer, presumably wanted to separate itself from the lightning-rod abortion issue. Their initial move to limit funding to Planned Parenthood backfired, as Planned Parenthood supporters were outraged at the withdrawal of funds and threatened to withhold contributions to Komen. Pro-lifers poured contributions into Komen, until Komen issued a statement to reverse course and reinstate Planned Parenthood as grant-eligible.

It was a messy process, and a rough week for one of Americans most well-regarded private charities. Yet this is how the private giving process should work. Americans are free to vote with their dollars for charities, companies, schools, and other organizations that reflect their core beliefs.

The truly unfortunate moment in the Komen controversy was when 26 U.S. Senators sent a letter urging Komen to reconsider the decision to reduce funding for Planned Parenthood. How was Nancy Brinker, the head of the Koman Foundation, supposed to take this? Was there an implicit threat attached to such powerful officials urging her to reconsider the organization's giving policy?

The Left talks a lot about the importance of “diversity.” Sometimes, however, it seems that what they mean by “diversity” is people who look and dress a little different and might speak different languages, but all adher to the liberal agenda de jour. The truth is that the one-size-fits-all mandates pushed by the Left, as well as the campaign to displace private giving with bigger and bigger government, are the real enemy of real diversity and to freedoms that are supposed to be central to our country.

Carrie Lukas

Carrie Lukas is the Managing Director at the Independent Women’s Voice and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism.