Caroline Glick

There is an ironic twist to all of this. The highest density of anti-Israel activists in Israeli society is to be found in the humanities and social science faculties of Israeli universities. Indeed, it is Ilan Pappe, from Haifa University who, while scandalously receiving a tax-payer financed salary, travels around the US and Europe vilifying his country and calling for anti-Semites like the members of the AUT to boycott us.

Earlier last week, we witnessed another sort of abject prejudice in Britain when two far Left, virulently anti-Israel and anti-American politicians ? Oona King and George Galloway -- were attacked by Islamic extremists as they campaigned in their heavily Muslim district.

King makes a big deal about the fact that she is anti-Israel and Jewish at the same time, and has compared Israel to Nazi Germany, and the Palestinians to the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto.

Iraqi government documents uncovered after the US-led invasion of Iraq two years ago reportedly exposed that Galloway, who is running against King, and has been one of the most vociferously anti-American voices in Britain for years, received payments for his pro-Saddam, anti-American positions from the Iraqi government.

Yet, in spite of these politicians? pandering to Britain?s large and increasingly extremist Muslim minority, they were physically assaulted by members of that very group. Indeed, over the past week, there have been repeated reports of Islamic extremists storming campaign meetings and denouncing democracy, calling any Muslim who participates in the elections an infidel. British security forces are on high alert for terrorist attacks in the country ahead of next month?s elections.

Mainly due to Britain?s relationship with the US, Israelis have a tendency to view it as an ally. But the situation on the ground in Britain must force us to reconsider this friendly view. Today Britain manifests the symptoms of a suicidal society. Its elites have been taken over by far-Left bigots who, while purporting to care for the downtrodden, work to perpetuate a situation where the Arab world is wholly controlled by brutes who call for the destruction not only of Israel, but of Britain itself.

Anti-Semitism, which has become pervasive among Britain?s aristocracy, and the chattering classes in the media, culture and academia, is a sign of Britain?s steep and steady slide into nihilistic self-destruction. Their animus towards Israel and towards Jews who refuse to denounce the Jewish state, has nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with them. They are fully aware of the threats posed by the international jihad but rather than fight it they have tried to appease it by at once denying its danger and obsessively embracing Palestinian terrorists and calling for Israel?s destruction. They do this even as the jihadis in their own country make it clear that they are unappeasable.

There is nothing that Israel can do to stem Britain?s decline. All we can do is keep our distance from that self-destructive society which, like a dying lion, can still do us great harm if we let it get close to us.

Caroline Glick

Caroline B. Glick is the senior Middle East fellow at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., and the deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, where this article first appeared.

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