Caroline Glick
Last May, in the aftermath of the massacre of the Hatuel family; the rocket propelled grenade attacks on IDF forces and a steep increase in arms smuggling from Egypt through tunnels to Rafah, the IDF launched Operation Rainbow in Gaza. Its aim was to clean out Rafah of terrorists and stem the hemorrhage of arms being smuggled into Gaza from Egypt.

The international outcry against Israel, which began the moment the operation was launched, was hysterical and obscene. Israel was accused of perpetrating crimes against humanity for every action it took to protect its territory and citizens from attack.

The international denunciation was supported by leftist commentators in the Israeli media, most prominently by Ha?aretz newspaper whose coverage of the operation was barely distinguishable from Al Jazeera?s. Ari Shavit, one of Ha?aretz?s most prominent writers penned a column where he renounced all ties with Israelis who live in Judea, Samaria and Gaza claiming that they should not be considered Israelis.

A few days after Shavit?s column was published, I was asked to give an interview to Britain?s Channel 4. When I arrived in the studio I saw that Shavit had been invited as well and concluded that I had been set up. Shavit, I was certain, would be the ?good Israeli? who would say terrible things about Israel, and I would be the ?bad Israeli? called upon in a post-modern disputation to be criminalized before the camera.

Yet what actually transpired was even more outrageous than I had expected. When our turn came to speak, the anchorman? acting as the Grand Inquisitor ? attacked us both fairly equally. Clearly, the British would have none of Shavit?s attempt to separate the ?good? Israelis like himself, from the ?bad? Israelis like myself. All Israelis were criminals for Channel 4.

Recent events in Britain have forced me to recall this miserable little episode. Last Friday, on the eve of Passover, Britain?s Association of University Teachers passed a resolution calling for the boycott of Bar Ilan and Haifa Universities, promising that Hebrew University will be next.

This decision is an act of pure anti-Semitism. Israel is being singled out from all the countries in the world. There is no call to boycott Palestinian universities which celebrate terrorist massacres; indoctrinate students to jihad and are used as recruiting grounds for terrorist organizations. There is no call to boycott Saudi Arabian universities where gender apartheid and religious persecution are the explicit and rigidly followed norms. And of course, no one would think of boycotting Chinese universities for China?s occupation of Tibet. Only the Jewish state and its research universities are unacceptable.

Caroline Glick

Caroline B. Glick is the senior Middle East fellow at the Center for Security Policy in Washington, D.C., and the deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, where this article first appeared.

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