Carl Jackson

The Syrian rebels that wanted our help uprooting the Syrian president at the time are known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) today. Vladimir Putin continues to advance against Ukraine. Where's our president? Israel faces an existential threat as rockets rain down on the Holy Land from the Gaza strip by the terrorist organization Hamas, only to have Obama's JV team (aka John Kerry) demand that Israel use "restraint" as they defend their very lives.

Recall the concept of the Medal Of honor for "Courageous Restraint" that began to grow legs under Obama's leadership in 2010. Thank God it didn't come to fruition!

In the minds of Leftist restraint requires patience, logic, reason, understanding, virtue, and acceptance of cultures unlike our own, including Middle Eastern terrorist. They believe this "restraint" makes them better people. In their minds it's only a matter of time before liberal compassion leads to repentance, even from the likes of ISIS. The rest of us are but silly unintelligent war-mongering cowboys just like George W. Bush.

When President Obama rushes off to the golf course he's not just simply looking for a good time and relaxation. He's looking for applause and affirmation from like minded elitist who don't question his political actions, but revere them. It's his faculty lounge minus the toaster and coffee maker. He's free from criticism-he's free from accountability. When he leaves his faculty lounge break room - the golf course, he feels refreshed, energized and renewed to continue his crusade in bringing America down to size. Frankly, the more he golf's the more concerned American loving people should be.

Carl Jackson

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