Cam Edwards

But what happens when Bloomberg gets his hands on this information? Law enforcement investigations are put at risk. Last year, when Bloomberg used civilian private investigators to try and illegally purchase firearms in several states, he put as many as eighteen active law enforcement investigations at risk. And how did Bloomberg choose the gun dealers he targeted? ATF trace data from several years ago, before the law had changed. Bloomberg says he found evidence of illegal activity, but for months now has declined to share that evidence with ATF, the agency tasked with enforcing our federal gun laws. If the mayor is really serious about going after illegal activity, why isn’t he cooperating with law enforcement?

The actions of Bloomberg and others like him are one of the reasons why law enforcement associations want to keep this ATF trace data out of the hands of people like him. While the mayor says law enforcement supports his proposal, the nation’s largest law enforcement organization, the Fraternal Order of Police, actually supports keeping the information where it belongs, in the hands of the police.

I can’t read Michael Bloomberg’s mind, and I won’t profess to know why he’s doing what he’s doing. All I know is that from where I sit, it looks like Bloomberg’s giving law enforcement a kick in the rear instead of a pat on the back. Our cops deserve better.

Cam Edwards

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