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Animal rights activists are going to court to try and stop the New Jersey black bear hunt, scheduled to take place next week.  As much as I hate to do it, I applaud these activists for operating within the bounds of the law, even if the ideas they promote exist outside the bounds of common sense.   

Of course, for every one of these activists who operate inside the law, there are others who have no qualms about violating the law; threatening violence, committing acts of vandalism, even advocating death for hunters. 

In the wake of my last column on these animal rights terrorists, a number of supporters of animal rights extremism have emailed me, taking me to task for being a speciesist.  “A what,” you ask?  A speciesist is one who discriminates on the basis of species.  I, being an omnivore, am obviously a speciesist because I eat meat and I don’t have a problem with hunting. 

This is a pretty typical email, received earlier this week by a fellow named Najib.  He writes:

“how about stopping them [animal rights terrorists] by stopping the killing of these animals?!

how fair is it to hold any being at gun point when they cannot fight back?!

how would u feel if your child or even yourself was fullowed [sic] by a group of blood hungry people with guns?!”

So, following Najib’s logic, the way to stop terrorism is to change your behavior so that it’s no longer upsetting to the terrorists.  Surrender, in other words.  That doesn’t exactly sound like a winning strategy in fighting terrorism.  It sounds like grade school level reverse psychology from a supporter of animal rights terrorism, as a matter of fact.

Emailer James is at least a little more coherent in his argument.  He writes:

“You should give animal rights people a little more respect.  Most of them are more concerned with animal pain than they are animal death.”

I’ve got no problem with prosecuting people for cruelty to animals.  But I should give a little more respect to these people because they’re only interested in stopping animals feeling pain?  Let me tell you a story, and then you tell me how much respect you have for these “animal liberators”. 

Cam Edwards

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