Cal  Thomas

What about that vaunted "two-state solution" Kerry and those who have gone before him think is the holy grail of Middle East peace? The Palestinian side pays lip service to the notion when speaking to the West, but tells its own people it favors a one-state solution without Israel.

On Jerusalem, according to MEMRI, Abbas told an Israeli audience that Jerusalem would not be divided in any future peace agreement, but would have two municipalities with an appropriate coordinating body."

To Palestinians, however, Abbas promised: "Occupied Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine, since without it there will be no solution. No one is authorized to sign (such an agreement)." He added, "Without East Jerusalem as Palestine's capital there will be no peace between us and Israel."

There are many more examples of such doublespeak, so many they could fill a book, but you get the point. Too bad Secretary Kerry, President Obama and numerous presidents and secretaries of state who have gone before, don't.

Cal Thomas

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