Cal  Thomas

Republicans should cite publicly as examples people who have made it, either without government, or with help from government, but who are now independent of government. Stop allowing Democrats to set the agenda. You can't disprove a negative that Republicans care only for the rich. Demonstrate that real caring means showing the poor a way out of poverty, not sustaining them with a government check and that caring for the middle class means an improved economy, which would create more jobs and higher wages.

On the cruise ship's TV, I watch Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus fret over two forthcoming programs on NBC and CNN that he thinks will be pro-Hillary Clinton. If the shows air, he threatens not to allow those networks to provide questioners for the 2016 GOP presidential candidates' debates.

A better strategy would be to demand the right of Republicans to choose one panel member to question Democratic presidential candidates (I suggest a conservative journalist or radio talk show host) and allow the Democrats to do the same for the Republican debates. In the latter case, it would make little difference since most journalists are liberal and would ask predictable questions.

The cruising conservatives haven't yet coalesced around a presidential candidate (some think that a female governor should be on the ticket, especially if Clinton is the Democratic nominee), but there seems to be agreement to first get the policies right, talking less about ideology and statistics and focusing more on the concerns of average voters.

Cal Thomas

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