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Clearly Romney was playing it safe, a tactic football teams use when they're ahead and want to run out the clock. I wish he had noted while congratulating the president for giving the go-ahead to kill Osama bin Laden, that what we are confronting now is not so much despotic leaders, but a radical faith many believe encourages the murder or subjugation of nonbelievers.

According to Andrew McCarthy, author and former federal prosecutor, writing for the website the Counter Jihad Report, "In Cairo ... Hamas'

chief, Khaled Mashal, gave a fiery speech calling for violent jihad against Israel. With approving nods from his hosts -- aides to Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader whom Egyptians elected their president -- Mashal exclaimed, 'Resistance (the Islamist euphemism for terrorism), not negotiation, is the path to the restoration of rights. ...

Nothing will restore the homeland but jihad, the rifle, and self-sacrifice.'" How can diplomacy deter this level of fanaticism?

Clearly the Obama administration's approach has not lowered the rhetoric or altered the behavior of jihadists.

The administration's policy toward Egypt has been to send more aid while attempting to get congressional approval for debt forgiveness.

The Obama administration has a foreign policy, or policies, that have been mostly ineffective, leaving the perception that America is weak. That always invites adventurism, even attacks, by our enemies.

Romney "won" the foreign policy debate by not losing it. Watch for the Obama campaign's attack ads to intensify, which will make Obama look even more like the challenger. Romney has the momentum. Now he must close the deal.

Cal Thomas

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