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Jesse Spann is a cook at The King's Kitchen. Spann says he's been homeless, unemployed and survived at one time by "digging in dumpsters." Spann is now married with children and his wife is a minister. He says he loves going back into the streets and ministering to the homeless. He can identify.

Noble says there are enough churches in Charlotte that if each one helped just one poor or homeless person, the problem would be effectively solved.

There are many good works performed by church and independent groups around the country, but The King's Kitchen shows the power of one couple and the vision they had for caring for what Scripture calls "the least of these."

A footnote: Jim Noble says he is a political conservative, but "socially liberal" in the sense he believes in spreading his own wealth around to help the needy.

The difference between his "liberalism" and that of the Democratic National Convention meeting a few blocks away is that he is liberal with the money he makes and he holds accountable those on the receiving end. There is another difference: His program has a far better success rate than the government's, which does not and cannot change human hearts with the transforming message Noble not only preaches and teaches, but lives.

And the Southern-style cooking is excellent.

Cal Thomas

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