Cal  Thomas

Still, all of this is a distraction. Even if Ann Romney had chosen to work outside her home (and she did perform a great deal of volunteer work while battling breast cancer and multiple sclerosis), and even if she then could -- in Rosen's mind -- relate to other women who made that same decision, how would that make anyone else's life better? Would such a choice by Romney have improved the economy so that women who want to work outside the home, but can't find jobs, get one? Would it have allowed women to stay home if they were afforded that "luxury"?

This is what politics has become. It's about feelings and image, not substance and ideas that work. Because of skyrocketing debt, high unemployment and the failed policies they have promoted, Democrats cling to feelings and focus on one's ability to relate. But it's a fiction to believe that the only women's issues of importance are those promoted by the left.

Liberal women are attempting to dominate women who share a different political and moral worldview. It's all a house of mirrors; nothing more than a distortion of reality in an election year. Expect to see more of the same between now and November.

Cal Thomas

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