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In his re-election campaign, Jindal pledged to overhaul his state's tax structure in order to improve the business climate that was stifling job creation. His office maintains that "he quickly cut taxes that were directly penalizing business investments, which create more Louisiana jobs. He also fulfilled his 2007 campaign commitment to enact targeted tax credits that would lead to job creation in high-growth industries. Over the past three and a half years Louisiana has seen a job creation turnaround, with the state announcing projects that create more than 45,000 new direct and indirect jobs and more than $10 billion in capital investment. CATO's Fiscal Policy Report Card, which weighs revenues and tax changes, gave Louisiana an 'A' in their 2010 ranking because of new tax changes."

Jindal also confronted wasteful spending, which Washington politicians often talk about, but do little to reverse. He reduced the state budget by $9 billion, or 26 percent, in part by eliminating unnecessary government jobs and streamlining services.

For the third year in a row, Southern Business and Development named Louisiana "State of the Year" for attracting business investment and creating jobs. People are migrating to Louisiana after several years of emigration. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, "this is the fourth consecutive year of Louisiana population in-migration."

Bobby Jindal's electoral and economic successes should serve not only as a model, but also as an inspiration to Republican candidates for president and Congress. The miracle of Louisiana can also work in other states and in Washington because Jindal is the latest conservative to demonstrate that conservative principles work and that those principles should not be shied away from, but embraced.

His resume and track record commend him for vice president, whoever the eventual Republican nominee turns out to be.

Cal Thomas

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