Cal  Thomas

It is when preachers start endorsing or opposing candidates based on their perception of who is God's choice that serious problems arise. It suggests, especially to the non-believers in the world, that the Kingdom of God is part of an earthly kingdom. The result is a loss of power for that unseen Kingdom, which is the only one that can transform a life and, thus, a culture.

What makes conservative pastors think their church members are so ignorant that they need to hear from them before deciding for whom to vote?

Consider the words of the late Senator Edward Kennedy at Liberty Baptist College in 1983: "We must never judge the fitness of individuals to govern on the basis of where they worship, whether they follow Christ or Moses, whether they are called 'born again' or 'ungodly.' Where it is right to apply moral values to public life, let all of us avoid the temptation to be self-righteous and absolutely certain of ourselves."

In his forthcoming book, "Twilight's Last Gleaming" (for which I have provided an endorsement), Dr. Jeffress makes a strong case that the only way a culture can be transformed is through spiritual regeneration. For him that means a relationship with Jesus. The power of that message is diluted when he says Rick Perry would be the best president based solely on his specific brand of Christian faith.

Cal Thomas

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