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George Washington was not exempt from having problems with the Supreme Court. As our first president, he was uniquely able to name every justice. And yet the Senate rejected his selection of John Rutledge to be chief justice; William Cushing declined to serve as chief because of ill health; James Wilson landed in debtors prison because of "nefarious financial dealings"; Robert Harrison insulted the father of our country by refusing to serve at all; William Paterson was nominated, withdrew and then was re-nominated; and Samuel Chase was impeached.

Even Washington must have had "second thoughts" about some of these men.

Scoundrels and schemers populate the history of the Supreme Court, along with intrigue, back-stabbing and political one-upsmanship. It reads like a political novel, but it is fact.

"Second Thoughts" is self-published, which is too bad because it ought to be more widely distributed. For those who want to learn more about the Supreme Court and fill in some gaps in their knowledge of American history, the book is available on Amazon, or through the author's email address:

You won't be disappointed.

Cal Thomas

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