Cal  Thomas

The plan purports to have a "higher moral purpose" because if entitlements are not reformed, the next generation and future ones will have to pay punitive tax rates that will "end liberty as we have known it."

Do I have your attention now?

Humans have a tendency to live in the moment, thinking little about what those who have gone before have bequeathed to us and what we are passing on to those who follow. If we don't fix what ails us, including these soon to be bankrupt social programs (without reform, entitlement spending will consume all tax revenue in about 40 years), future generations will rightly condemn us.

Details of this plan are easy to understand and difficult to oppose for other than partisan political reasons. Read it at

Yes, it was written by the "conservative" Heritage Foundation, but good ideas come in all sorts of packages and this is one that should not be rejected out of hand by Democrats. If President Obama borrowed from it for his Thursday night address, rather than talk about "infrastructure" and more government jobs, he might actually achieve something and improve his prospects in the 2012 election.

Medicine can't work if it remains on the shelf. This plan is the cure for our "disease."

Open wide ... your mind.

Cal Thomas

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