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Last Sunday's New York Times (Father's Day) engaged in blatant cheerleading for the gay rights agenda. It began with a front-page story titled "For President, Gay Marriage Views Evolve." You know where his "evolution" is headed. The president wants and needs money from that lobbying group.

The cover of The New York Times Magazine featured "A Good Life in the Closet? Challenging the Orthodoxy of Coming Out."

And then, just in case readers were still unclear about the Times' editorial position on the issue, three full pages in the New York section were devoted to a story headlined, "And Baby Makes Four: How A Woman, Her Son, Her Sperm Donor And His Lover Are Helping Redefine The American Family." This may be how liberal New York and The New York Times see the American family, but most American families don't.

Reading this brought me as close as I have ever come to canceling my subscription, but I decided against it. I have to know what the culturally depraved are thinking.

Inserted in the newspaper was a "Dear Reader" letter from outgoing Executive Editor Bill Keller and Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal. It announced "new features and a new way of presenting our finest analytical and opinion writing."

It may be a "new way," but the content will remain the same and come from the same ideological perspective. At none of the big networks or at The New York Times is there a recognized conservative or traditional values commentator. It is why these entities are losing readers and viewers, though they don't seem to care. Their ideology trumps their business sense. Meanwhile, the rise of alternative media makes them increasingly irrelevant.

Cal Thomas

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