Cal  Thomas

Should Weiner resign? He would if he had any integrity, but he said in a news conference Monday that he intends to stay. Should he be expelled? Republicans might like to make him the poster boy for Democratic "family values," but again, going down that road will only lead to reminders that Republicans have several of their own in the ethical and moral ditch.

One senses a rush to get this over with before election season is upon us. Rep. Pelosi has asked the House Ethics Committee to take up the matter.

I am not a sex addiction expert, but my wife, a retired family therapist, earned a certificate in sex addiction as part of her post-graduate education. She says that Rep. Weiner has an obvious problem. Therapy is available for such things, she says, but like all addictions, it requires a humbling of one's self. Humility is not a surplus commodity among many members of Congress.

This conservative hopes Rep. Weiner gets help for his problem and that his wife stays with him and encourages him in his treatment. His rehabilitation should be the goal. It is a "family value" all of us could applaud, regardless of political differences.

Cal Thomas

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