Cal  Thomas

Once again the prime minister noted that Israel's 1967 borders would be indefensible. All of the talk by this and previous administrations of "unshakable" support for Israel is meaningless if enemy tanks, missiles and especially nuclear weapons are used against this tiny nation. What would America do? Bomb Iran? Invade Egypt? Strafe Syria? The State Department would likely wring its hands and blame Israel for its own destruction, saying it should have compromised sooner.

The ludicrously named "Arab Spring" is more like an Arab winter that will never end as long as radical Islam is the established religion. Very little good is likely to come out of the uprisings from Egypt to Syria and beyond because there is no foundation in the region for political pluralism, religious tolerance and equality for women. Such things are not part of their political and religious DNA. So why is the U.S. sending billions more in borrowed money to Egypt when the Muslim Brotherhood candidate might win the upcoming election?

It is only when the State Department and the White House begin to understand reality that Israel's -- and America's -- interests will be served.

The public seems to understand that better than politicians and diplomats. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 78 percent of U.S. voters believe peace between Israel and the Arab world is unlikely. Thousands of years of history and common sense confirm this.

Cal Thomas

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