Cal  Thomas

The letter also promises a cooperative effort by the pastors to open a new pregnancy center in Washington, using private funds, "so that women have life-affirming and healthy alternatives to abortion."

These Guttmacher statistics ought to shock: The number of black babies in the U.S. killed by abortion between 1973 and 2010 was 17,237,000. That's a rate of 574,000 per year. Compare this to the number of blacks killed by lynching in America between 1864 and 1968 (4,946, or 47.7 per year). The public became rightly outraged about lynching -- it was usually done in the open -- and worked to put an end to it. Abortions are performed in private -- both result in the death of a black person.

By what moral standard do people embrace "choice" when it comes to destroying a life, but oppose choice when it comes to saving one by way of a quality education?

Liberal Democrats who favor "choice" on abortion and oppose it on education are wrong on both counts. As for the pastors who feel "bewildered and betrayed," they have a choice of their own to make. They can stick with a party that has dedicated itself to exterminating the bodies and wasting the minds of their community, or they can take their votes elsewhere to a party that will help their children survive to get a real education.

Cal Thomas

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