Cal  Thomas

This is the Republican Party's moment. More Americans are coming to a "Prodigal Son" understanding of our financial predicament. In the biblical account, a young man leaves his father's house and squanders his inheritance on riotous living. When he runs out of money, the son finds himself in a hog pen, eating pig food. It says, "He came to his senses." Wisconsin residents and the nation are coming to our senses in the face of massive public debt.

If Wisconsin's Democratic legislators stop playing political theater, come back to Madison from their hiding places in Illinois and fulfill their responsibilities as elected officials, perhaps a solution to the standoff can be worked out.

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday," Walker said 10,000 to 12,000 of the state's nearly 300,000 government workers would likely lose their jobs if changes weren't made in benefit contributions paid by union members. The unions have said they are willing to make some concessions, but Walker has rejected their offer as insufficient.

Democrats in Wisconsin may be overplaying their hand, just as congressional Democrats may be overplaying their hand with threats to shutdown the federal government if Republicans don't see things their way.

Standing firm and having the courage of one's convictions worked before. So far, Governor Walker has stood firm and explained what he is doing and why. If he doesn't cave, perhaps he might be the national leader Republicans have been looking for, either now, or in the near future. It worked for Coolidge and Reagan.

Cal Thomas

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