Cal  Thomas

President Obama and too many other politicians emphasize "public service" as if government work is superior to a vibrant private sector that creates jobs, goods and services people want. Governor Daniels has the right priority: people and jobs first, government second. If Daniels hasn't decided to run for president, he should. This is a platform that has not only worked in Indiana but, if adopted by the federal government (and other states), would work nationally.

Many Democrats who voted for the Illinois tax increases were lame ducks who will pay no political price for their cowardly vote. Besides, it wasn't their money. That's why it's so easy to spend.

If politicians in other financially troubled states won't follow Indiana's example, people can move to states with lower taxes. But no one can escape the federal government.

Short of term limits or regular turnovers in Congress until they "get it," a more radical approach may be necessary. Suppose there was a groundswell of taxpayers who announced they will no longer pay for government and, in fact, will start reducing payments to government if politicians won't significantly cut spending? That would get their attention.

There aren't enough prisons to house thousands, perhaps millions, of taxpayers who cry "enough" and demand that Washington live within its means. It's time to starve the beast. If Dracula doesn't get blood, he dies. If Washington can't suck more money out of us and must stop borrowing, it will be forced to cutback, like so many have done in this recession.

Anyone ready to lead this second American Revolution?

Cal Thomas

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