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Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, should be included among the witnesses King calls. Pipes wrote in 2002 that, "Islam, the most political of religions, now enjoys a privileged place in Washington, just as it does in almost every capital around the world." And that is why, he thinks, a more serious response needs to be taken toward this political religion.

In a 2004 critique of the U.S. Institute of Peace, Pipes wrote, "Over and over again, branches of the American government have been embarrassed by their blindness to jihadist Islam." He gave four examples of this pattern -- a presidential candidate (George W. Bush), the Department of Defense, the New York State prison system and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Since that critique, Pipes' list has grown. Read it at

The Obama and Bush administrations all but predicted another terrorist attack. Isn't it better to investigate how well the government is doing in preventing it, then to point fingers after the fact?

So, let the investigations begin into waste, fraud and abuse and into plots to unleash more terrorism inside America. The one can save our money. The other might save our lives.

Cal Thomas

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