Cal  Thomas

All of this posturing is a fiction and, to borrow a phrase from Ecclesiastes, nothing more than "chasing after the wind." It is not -- nor has it ever been -- what Israel does or doesn't do that threatens peace in the region. It is Israel's existence that riles the Palestinians and every Muslim state. Any negotiation that does not lead to the weakening of Israel on the road to its eventual annihilation is of no interest to the Palestinian leadership. Can anyone prove that statement wrong?

The United States is playing mind games with itself and with Israel's future. This country thinks people who believe their god has ordered them to kill Jews and others they regard as "infidels" (that would be all Americans and anyone else who don't embrace Islam) can somehow be persuaded by infidel diplomats, like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (and previous secretaries of state) and politicians like President Obama (and previous presidents) to act in ways that are opposed to what they believe their god has commanded them to do. One might as well believe staunch Southern Baptists can be persuaded to drink alcohol.

A lot must change before anything approaching "peace" between Palestinians and Israelis occurs. Israel has changed and given enough. It is long past time for serious reciprocity from the Palestinian Authority. If none is forthcoming, Israel should keep building and agree to no new concessions.

Cal Thomas

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