Cal  Thomas

After the fact, even those who turned a blind eye to such things wonder aloud how it could have happened. Awards are bestowed on those who see evil before it conquers us and try to stop its advance, but not on historians who might have sounded a warning and live only to write about it later.

Threats from foreign powers are not the only challenge to our existence. Threats from inner powers can also destroy, though more slowly and imperceptibly than an atom bomb or terrorist attack.

American novelist Walker Percy saw clearly where the tinkering with human life leads. In "The Thanatos Syndrome," Percy writes, "You are a member of the first generation of doctors in the history of medicine to turn their backs on the oath of Hippocrates and kill millions of old, useless people, unborn children, born malformed children, for the good of mankind -- and to do so without a single murmur from one of you. Not a single letter of protest in the august New England Journal of Medicine. And do you know what you're going to end up doing? You a graduate of Harvard and a reader of the New York Times and a member of the Ford Foundation's Program for the Third World? Do you know what is going to happen to you? ... You're going to end up killing Jews."

Cal Thomas

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