Cal  Thomas

He puts it this way: "Forty-one cents of every dollar the federal government spends we have to borrow from our kids and grandkids. So I think the test is real simple. You go through every damn program, every line item in the budget and you ask this question: 'Is this spending so important that we're willing to ask our kids and grandkids to pay for it?' If it doesn't meet that test, then why are we doing it?"

Boehner promises Republicans will restore the Hyde Amendment, restricting federal money for abortions.

He also said if angry voters want real change, they must stay engaged with their elected officials after the election. "You can't ignore Washington. If people want to change direction, I have to have them engaged in this fight."

Boehner believes Republicans can circumvent much of the mainstream media that is so often hostile to his party and often opposes GOP objectives. He tells me Republicans now have a "social media advantage" with a "3-2 margin in Facebook pages over the Democrats, even though they have a 49-seat majority; twice as many Twitter followers as the Democrats, yet 90 percent of the tweets come from Republicans. Nine of the top 10 political views on YouTube are from Republicans. Our members now understand you have to communicate with people and keep them involved in the fight."

Cynics have heard promises of reform before from both parties, but with a foundation of new, young members and the possibility of reinforcements after the election, John Boehner increasingly looks like the next speaker of the House. His parents would be proud.

Cal Thomas

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