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Read it and weep for yourself and for future generations.

Some Republicans, like Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, are offering credible and thoughtful ways to get us out of this mess. Will the Republican leadership follow, or will it simply try to manage the big government liberal Democrats created, cutting only a little around the edges?

Lowering expectations of government and politicians is only half the equation. We must then raise expectations for ourselves. "You can do it" is more than a rousing assurance from a parent after the training wheels come off and we ride the two-wheeler for the first time, it's the ratification of the individual's power over the weakening power of the state.

Do we really need all we consume? After buying it, how much of it really satisfies? If we look to government to care for us, rather than looking to ourselves and to family, the time will come when government won't be able to, health care will be rationed and our lives will be deemed unworthy of continuing.

Thomas Jefferson said we had the right to pursue happiness. He didn't tell us where to find it. Lowering expectations of government and politicians and raising our own expectations is where happiness -- or at least contentment -- can be found.

How many other Republicans, besides Paul Ryan and too few of his colleagues, will tell us what we need to hear? For the first time in a very long time, the public may be ready for some strong medicine.

Cal Thomas

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