Cal  Thomas

Already, union leaders have been on television conducting pre-emptive strikes against budget cuts for their interests, suggesting any reductions in their budgets would mean Armageddon for Britain. If Britain can survive The Blitz at the start of World War II, it can surely survive going on a much more passive spending diet in 2010.

Prime Minister Cameron's mandate to Sir Philip Green recalls the 1993 movie "Dave." Kevin Kline, playing the virtual identical twin to an incapacitated president, calls in a longtime friend (played by Charles Grodin) to bring some common sense to the federal budget. Working late into the night, the two devise a balanced budget that makes sense to them. The reason they are able to do this is that they are free of lobbyists, political pressure groups and other "special interests." They are also free of the political need to get re-elected.

If Sir Philip succeeds at his task, the government should put his likeness on British currency, along with Queen Elizabeth's, because he will have saved Britain from paralyzing debt, a force almost as strong as that from which Winston Churchill saved the nation seven decades ago. Perhaps America can then bring him here so that he can do the same for us. He already has an American presence. A Topshop recently opened in New York City.

Cal Thomas

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