Cal  Thomas

Does Yousef have a message for Americans about the rapid construction of mosques throughout the country and radical Islam? First, he says, "you must realize that the word 'Islam' means submission. I am afraid of the ideas taught in mosques and the Islamic student movement in every American college and school in general. This ideology is a real danger ... it is an ideology of hate and revenge, of forcing people to convert to Islam or be killed. This is at the heart of the Islamic faith."

"But we need to understand there is a difference between Muslims and Islam," he says. "Muslims are wonderful people. They are peaceful, in general. I don't want people to be scared or look down at Muslims in this country."

Is this a distinction without a difference? No, he says, there are "cultural Muslims" who don't understand or read the Koran and then there are Islamists who take their faith and its application seriously, to the point of forced conversions, honor killings and terrorism. Yousef says there are no "moderate" Islamists and he suggests those Americans who think so are deluded.

Yousef dissects his former faith and its founder without pulling punches and his book is one Americans should read and believe. No wonder the government wants to expel him. He goes against what the Obama and Bush administrations and the pro-Arab State Department are trying to sell us.

A convert is often the best source of information about the dangers of his or her former faith. Yousef's deportation would be a victory for those who want to destroy America and everything it's supposed to stand for.

Cal Thomas

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