Cal  Thomas

Nuclear power is the future. This president is correct when he says we can't rely on oil forever. But the way to lead us away from our dependence on foreign oil is not by using the BP disaster to pass his fantasyland cap-and-tax legislation. Instead, he should use the threat of more terrorism as a motivator. But this administration won't label the terrorists for who they are, so don't look for any courage along those lines. A patriotic push, not just punitive punishment, is what's needed, but you've got to show love for America to rally patriots and this president is no George Washington.

The president seems to want a replay of his big government health care bill by using this "crisis" to push "cap and tax" legislation. He promised to listen to Republicans, but that's what he said about the congressional health care bill. In the end, he didn't much. We are living on borrowed money and if it keeps up we will also be living on borrowed time. Replacing dependence on oil with greater dependence on our Chinese debt-holders exchanges one addiction for another.

Now to style. The opening TV shot made the president look small. He was seated too low behind his desk and could have used a booster seat. Rather than fill the Oval Office with his presence, the scene appeared to dominate him. Everything around the president seemed larger than him: desk, flags, window, even his suit.

His gestures resembled a local TV news anchor. Gestures are better used when a speaker is standing. When one is seated, they become a distraction. And his voice never seemed to change. There was no cadence, no variation of tone, no pausing for emphasis.

The president doesn't know where he's going, but he assures us we'll get there. It sounds like a joy ride, but without the joy.

Cal Thomas

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