Cal  Thomas

In the pursuit of those goals, the president has selected someone from a legal cocoon. Senator Patrick Leahy, the Vermont Democrat who chairs the Judiciary Committee, has praised Kagan's qualifications and "real-life experience" outside the courtroom. Vice President Biden calls her "Main Street."

In fact, her experience, as noted by the Politico Website, "draws from a world whose signposts are distant from most Americans: Manhattan's Upper West Side, Princeton University, Harvard Law School and the upper reaches of the Democratic legal establishment."

One of the several talking points about Kagan is that she is a "moderate liberal." In fact, Ron Klain, Vice President Biden's chief of staff, has called Kagan a "legal progressive." That seems about right because in college she lamented the decline of the socialist movement. If she is asked about that at her confirmation hearings, expect her to say she has "matured" since her days as a student. The question should be: "But have you converted from your embrace of socialism and on what basis? A love for capitalism and the Constitution?"

Democrats have the votes in the Senate to confirm her, but Republicans ought to use the process to further expose where this progressive president wants to take us: away from true law, William Blackstone and our nation's founders or toward the remaking of America in his image?

Should this be an issue in the November election? Indeed, it should.

Cal Thomas

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