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Harold Koh is a high-ranking legal adviser in the State Department and an advocate of "transnational jurisprudence," which supersedes nationalist laws and, according to the National Review, "assumes America's political and economic interdependence with other nations operating within the international legal system." In other words, America isn't special and should be on the level of every other nation. Koh was also reported by the Web site Jihad Watch to have advocated the use of Sharia law in appropriate cases inside the United States.

Does it coarsen political dialogue to mention that people hired by the Obama administration hold radical views that might not be in the best interests of the United States?

If this president were really committed to easing the tension and poisoned rhetoric in our politics, he could start by fulfilling a promise to reduce the number of abortions in America. He has said he wants to do so, but has done nothing yet to make it happen. To many conservatives -- especially social conservatives -- abortion remains the most important issue. Without passing a law, or a Supreme Court decision, the president could reduce abortions by advocating that more information, especially sonogram pictures, be placed in the hands of pregnant women so their "choice" will be fully informed.

On this one issue, the president would have the full support of the pro-life community. Politically, he would do himself much good, while simultaneously diffusing one of the most contentious issues since the Vietnam War.

Doing so would mean he is serious in what he says. Perhaps it's better to listen less, and instead take John Mitchell's advice and watch what he does.

Cal Thomas

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