Cal  Thomas

If a Conservative government were to increase taxes -- whether income or the VAT -- while attempting to shift the numerous roles of government to the people, it would feel like a betrayal to many voters who appear ready to trust Conservatives again.

In an editorial last Saturday endorsing David Cameron -- its first for the Conservative Party in 18 years -- the London Times said, "We must choose. Either we are to be a country that has lost confidence in the ingenuity and potential of its people, and concludes that the State must continue to grow and protect us from ourselves. Or we can be a country that cares for the needy but reins in the ever-growing appetite of government and frees up people to grow their businesses, nurture their families and pursue their own hopes and happiness."

Not only is that a great theme for this British election, it is one Republicans should use for America's congressional election in November and the presidential contest in 2012. America, too, is faced with being smothered by government growth and more control of our lives. We, too, need to throw off the shackles of the Left's "you can't make it without government" and once again embrace liberty as God's gift to Man and nations. As in Britain, the choice is ours and, like Britain, we had better make it quickly while we still can.

Cal Thomas

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