Cal  Thomas

Gingrich recalled an African-American man who "walked up to him after church and said, 'I notice you and the Rev. Sharpton care about children.' He didn't notice me, We have to decide whether we are prepared to go into every neighborhood in America, every precinct, knock on every door and say, 'there is a better future than a bureaucratic-welfare state-socialist model that is secular and will destroy our country and destroy our children's future.' "

What about charges that Republicans and conservatives are engaging in overheated rhetoric that could lead to violence against public figures?

"For people who are angry, the correct response is to beat them. Take all your energy, reach out and attract everybody you can, win the argument and beat them. The greatest satisfaction should be the retirement of Pelosi, Reid and Obama. ... For the mugger to complain that people are objecting vociferously to being mugged ... is an act of chutzpah on a grand scale. For any of these people who have deliberately bullied, bribed and abused the system to impose their will against the country to now be shocked that the country is unhappy with the machine, I think, is a further act of arrogance. They would like to mug you routinely while you quiescently thank them for the privilege of being mugged."

Is anyone in the party listening to him? He grins: "You'll have to ask them."

Gingrich sounds like he wants to run for president. When will he decide?

"February 2011," he says. "You'll get a brief email that says 'yes' or 'no.' "

I'm betting yes. The country needs the intellectual stimulation Newt Gingrich offers.

Cal Thomas

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