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CAL THOMAS: Is repeal of the health care law the best strategy for Republicans given the long trajectory between now and the November election, and the even longer one before the 2012 presidential election?

NEWT GINGRICH: I think we need to be honest about the American constitutional process. Republicans should promise that a Republican president and a Republican Congress in February 2013 would repeal and replace Obamacare. That's pretty straightforward and it's doable. It's real. If they're right -- and the more we learn about Obamacare, the more destructive it is; the more it kills jobs, the more it puts us in debt, the more it cripples us with bureaucracy -- this will become a more and more popular position. If they're wrong, the Democrats will have won their great gamble to create a socialist country.

Q: Supporters of the law say when people become used to the new benefits they won't want to let go of them.

A: We hooked inner-city poor people on bureaucratic schools, which are now destroyed. I think that's a pretty bad deal. I think you can win fights in the inner city on parental choice when you can't win fights in the suburbs. If you say to the average poor parent in Washington, D.C., "Do you think this has been a good bargain? ..."

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Q: But they're not ending it.

A: That's because of the power structure. The gap in America between the secular-socialist machine, dominated by an elite, and the rest of us is breathtaking. Arthur Brooks has a book coming out this spring called "The Battle" in which he uses Gallup data to prove conclusively that there is a 70-30 or better center-right majority in the country. And it is a tribute to the power and capability of the Democratic Party and the incompetence of the Republican Party -- it's a dual effort -- that you end up with 70 percent of the country being misgoverned by a militant minority.

Q: Why do African-Americans continue to vote for the people who continue to deny them school choice?

Cal Thomas

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