Cal  Thomas

Republicans have the political advantage, not only on health care, but also on national security, which has in recent years been the party's strongest issue. Republicans delivered a rapid response to a USA Today editorial by John Brennan, assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism. Brennan said that "unfounded fear-mongering only serve(s) the goals of al-Qaida." What about founded fear-mongering, or just plain legitimate fear about the way the administration is handling terrorists and Iran? (The president has called for more sanctions, which are as useful as a U.N. resolution.)

The country's top intelligence officers predict another attempted terrorist attack within the next three to six months. Are they "fear-mongering"? If the attack succeeds, what will the administration do? Issue strong denunciations? Call for a U.N. resolution? Appease our enemies again?

Republican candidates for the House and Senate are ahead in polls in many states. GOP optimists believe they could take back Congress. The question is: what will they do then? First, they should promise to stop Obama's progressive-liberal-socialist (take your pick) agenda. Second, they must find a strong presidential candidate who will bring experience and a realistic worldview to the problems that confront us abroad and at home.

The stage is being prepared. There is room in the wings. Who will it be? Whoever it is, he (or she) had better be ready to take over from what appears to be a failing presidency. The country can't afford eight full years of Barack Obama. We'll be fortunate to survive the next three.

Cal Thomas

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