Cal  Thomas

Union and state workers don't create jobs. Nether do economists and nonprofits. Nonprofits exist because people and companies have enough money left over to contribute. If the donors are making less they will contribute less and nonprofits, like for-profits, will lay people off, or not hire new employees.

The president also wants to "invest" in infrastructure and "create jobs" by giving people "incentives" to prevent their homes from leaking heat in winter and cool air in summer. Hasn't that been tried in previous administrations? And the president wants to give tax incentives so that employers will hire workers. But the "incentives" are miniscule compared to the salary and benefits it would cost an employer to hire someone. The president would achieve real success by cutting taxes, eliminating unnecessary regulations and liberating the free enterprise system to do what it does best: create products and services people will buy so that companies will hire people.

That has always been the formula that has produced a strong American economy. Government produces little that people want to buy. Government mostly takes from those who produce. Government can spread wealth, as this president is attempting to do -- but it can't create wealth. So by spreading wealth rather than allowing wealth to be created, the result is less wealth to spread.

Why can't liberals understand this? It is because this president and much of his administration have never punched a time clock or run a business.

The economic power of America is in Americans, not in government.

Cal Thomas

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