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Under the new system, as the Telegraph states, MPs Ann and Alan Keen, who are married, could claim the maximum expense amount per year on top of the generous expenses they are paid for mortgage interest, the local council tax and utility bills, not to mention a large housing allowance of 24,000 pounds (nearly $40,000US), which is a slight increase over last year. No wonder people want to become politicians. With deals like this, why would they mind raising taxes when the public not only has to pay its share, but part of a politician's share as well?

In a major understatement, the Daily Telegraph says, "The fact that such a substantial amount has been agreed by MPs without public debate is certain to anger voters further." Ya think? But these people apparently don't give a fig for what the public thinks or they would have reformed both themselves and the outrageous expenses system, which has angered the public and led to a sharp decline in public approval not only for Labour, but also for politicians in general. Maybe Shakespeare should have written that after "kill(ing) all the lawyers," someone should term-limit the politicians. "Stop them before they expense again!" would be a good rallying cry.

Following last spring's outing of MPs gone wild, Gordon Brown spoke of how "essential" it was to restore public confidence in government. Clearly, this latest fiasco will send what's left of that confidence into the loo.

Cal Thomas

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