Cal  Thomas

There is another point, which the president made last week. Since all four of the presidential candidates (and they were culled from an initial group of more than 400) were hand-picked by the mullahs who actually call the shots in Iran (and who want to call nuclear shots, as well), who can say for sure that if any of the other three were to win a recount he would be an improvement over the current president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Here's another question: what kind of freedom do these demonstrators want? This may not be Hungary in 1956, or the Prague Spring of 1968; it also may not be Poland or East Berlin in the '90s. How do we know that should anyone else be declared the winner, he will announce an end to Iran's nuclear weapons program, cancel "Allah's will" announced by Ahmadinejad to obliterate Israel and stop financing terrorism? Supposedly fair elections have elevated terrorist organizations to power and terrorist groups are challenging supposedly "moderate" leaders in Israel and Gaza, as well as in Arab and Muslim countries. Adolf Hitler won one election.

Since the United States apparently does not intend to support the demonstrators with military or other tangible means, President Obama is right to be cautious. This revolution, like the previous one in 1979 that brought the religious fanatics to power, must ultimately be won or lost by the Iranians themselves.

Cal Thomas

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