Cal  Thomas

Their list should include Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), Speaker Nancy Pelosi and especially Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn). In a brazen example of political bipolarity, Dodd stated contradictory positions in just 24 hours. First, he claimed to have had nothing to do with a bill that sent bailout money to AIG. A day later he said he did, indeed, have plenty to do with the bill, but that he succumbed to pressure from the Treasury Department not to cap bonuses.

No political fish should be too big to touch and goodness knows fish like these have been stinking up Washington for far too long. Showing the most powerful the door is the only way we can liberate the country (and ourselves) from these overpaid, egotistical, self-centered, corrupt, uncaring pack of rats.

Voters should force term limits on these power-hungry, money-grubbing people (I'm talking Congress, not AIG). And by the way, if Congress is successful in prying all or most of our money from the tight-fisted hands of AIG executives, how about a provision that would force every member of Congress who took campaign money from AIG to rebate the taxpayers?

If the public doesn't rise up and stop this political coup of private industry, we will all be the worse for it. While AIG is paying for its real and perceived sins, the company's mistakes should not be a pretext for politicians to accrue more power when they have abused the power they have.

That should make us all angry and we should channel that anger right back at the politicians most responsible and clean House (and Senate) in November 2010.

Cal Thomas

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