Cal  Thomas

There's plenty more cause for optimism. Listen up you laid-off autoworkers. Nissan, BMW's Mini and Audi will introduce electric cars in the next few years. They all have plants in America. The electric Mini is scheduled to reach showrooms next year. The future is not petroleum addiction, but alternative energy. In Bahrain, a new skyscraper, the Bahrain World Trade Center, features three wind turbines that supply 11 percent to 15 percent of the building's electricity needs. Floating, moveable wind turbines are being developed for ocean use as well, which will allow for large wind farms at sea.

Yes, we can free ourselves from the religious nuts that sell us oil and use the profits to underwrite terrorism.

Want more? Scientists have just announced a cure for Type-1 diabetes in lab mice. This breakthrough could mean a cure within a few years for more than 1 million American children who suffer from Type-1 diabetes, also called juvenile diabetes.

Pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies are testing a record 633 new biotech medicines, which could lead to better treatments and, eventually, to cures for cancer and infectious, autoimmune and cardiovascular disease.

While the stock market suffers from what history teaches will be a temporary setback, these other advances will have a permanent and positive effect on our country and the world.

So come on everybody (harmony!):

"The sun'll come out tomorrow, so ya gotta hang on 'til tomorrow, come what may. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you're always a day away."

Cal Thomas

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