Cal  Thomas

Re-read the sentence, "We have our own rules and we don't change them." That is what's wrong with modern media. Everything else gets updated, including our computer software, but the big media won't change. They remain locked in a '60s liberalism and a supreme self-assurance that only they know what's best for the country. When information options were fewer, they could get away with it. No more. News consumers now have many choices.

The media rationalize their loss of readers and viewers by blaming the Internet and alternative media, like talk radio and cable. But if the big media had practiced balanced coverage, chances are that talk radio and cable news might not exist. These prosper because they circumvent the biases of the established media.

You know things are bad when journalists begin admitting bias. Columnist Michael Malone wrote on that campaign coverage has been so biased, he is ashamed to tell people he is a journalist. The Colorado Springs Gazette carried an opinion column about "The Death of Objectivity," which criticized slanted coverage.

Most people will never meet a presidential candidate so their impressions are formed by media coverage. If McCain is portrayed as old and out of touch, rather than experienced and toughened by his prisoner of war experience and Obama is presented as young, hip and "news," that leaves an impression on those voters who don't dig beneath the superficial.

The media now own Barack Obama. Let's see how long they take to turn on him once he starts making mistakes. The public has already turned on big media, but big media is too into denial to notice. People are no longer buying their product; newsrooms are being downsized. "Journalists" are now left to wonder what happened to their once-great profession, as they pick up their final paychecks.

Cal Thomas

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Cal Thomas is co-author (with Bob Beckel) of the book, "Common Ground: How to Stop the Partisan War That is Destroying America".
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