Cal  Thomas

On nuclear power, he was for it before he was against it. Last July, he said, "I actually think we should explore nuclear power as part of the energy mix." He repeated his support of nuclear power in September, but by December he said, "I am not a nuclear energy proponent."

Throughout the campaign, Obama said the D.C. gun ban law was constitutional, but on the day the Supreme Court found otherwise, Obama said, "it went beyond constitutional limits."

Now Clinton and Obama want to erase our memory banks, like that gizmo in the film "Men in Black." They even color coordinated their outfits to demonstrate how in-sync they have suddenly become. One needn't have been a fly on the wall at their private meetings to conclude some debt relief has been promised to the Hillary campaign in exchange for her support (though she and Bill have made enough money to relieve their own debt, but like true liberals they want others to pay the bill).

Speaking of Bill, The London Daily Telegraph reports the former president has told friends that Obama will have to "kiss my a--" to get his support. That he announced his "support" through an aide and not in person doesn't speak well for a unified party.

For all the talk of unity, it isn't union. One awaits the moment on "Meet the Press" or some other venue when Clinton and Obama are asked if they meant what they said about each other during the primary campaign, or should we believe what they are saying now?

If they were lying then, we can't trust him as president. If they were telling the truth then, we can't afford him as president.

Cal Thomas

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