Cal  Thomas

People who are not fully aware of the poison forced on Muslim and Arab people by their religious and political leaders would do well to take some time and inform themselves. The level of hatred and vilification for all things Jewish, Christian and Western sounds like the stuff out of a Ku Klux Klan handbook. Young children are radicalized in their first school year with appeals that they become martyrs in order to expunge Jewish "filth" from the region and do Allah's will. This is what we and the Jewish people face. If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, all our good intentions will produce is a superhighway.

Jimmy Carter thinks he is doing God's will by "loving" his enemies. The expectation behind that biblical instruction is that such an act will soften the heart of the enemy. But evil does not respond this way. What evil does is to take these acts (evil people know the commands, too, because they have studied us more than we have studied them) and use such notions to achieve their objectives. They will tell us whatever we want to hear in order to get their way. They believe the Koran allows them to lie to "infidels."

Why won't we understand this? Converts from Islam regularly warn us. Why do we persist in believing their lies when the only thing they have been consistent at is lying? If Carter trusts Hamas, whom else would he trust?

Nothing stinks as badly as a perishable item that has passed its "sell-by" date. That describes Jimmy Carter. His foreign policy was a failure when he was president, most notably his approach to Iran, which toppled that regime and gave us what we face now. Now, as ex-president, he continues to cause damage and undermine his country's foreign policy.

It is said we only have one president at a time. Apparently, Jimmy Carter thinks otherwise.

Cal Thomas

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