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Another thing: shouldn't there be a law against the injured wife appearing with her husband at these media events? She should be telling him, "Look, buster, you have humiliated yourself, you are not humiliating me. Go out there and deal with it on your own."

Did Spitzer think nothing of his wife while allegedly having sex with prostitutes? Did the faces of his three daughters never come to mind? How would he like it if his daughters were prostitutes? The prostitutes are someone's daughters. Did he not think their parents' hearts broke when they learned their daughters were selling their bodies for cash, bodies they used to cradle in their arms?

Culture once produced gobs of shame for people who engaged in such activities, but no more. Now the question becomes whether such laws are outmoded and if it should be considered a private matter between Spitzer and his family. This is the legacy of the Bill Clinton years. "It was only sex," cried Clinton's defenders of his tryst with Monica Lewinsky. It was no one else's business, except his family. Each time such behavior is excused, we ensure we will get more of it.

There's another verse in that hotel Bible that might have served as a warning to Spitzer and anyone else who might think of behaving in a similar fashion: "be sure your sin will find you out." (Numbers 32:23)

Cal Thomas

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