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The British media are full of stories about pedophiles, as they have been about Catholic priests, who have preyed upon young boys. In rational times, the sexual behavior of one applying for a youth worker position might seem a plausible line of questioning, but these are not rational times. The court is considering what damages to award the 42-year-old applicant.

Another case that adds to the sense of societal breakdown involves 16-year-old Lydia Playfoot. A court ruled that Playfoot's school is within its rights when it prohibited her from wearing a small "chastity ring" to demonstrate her commitment to remain a virgin until she marries. The court ruled the ring is not a "proper manifestation" of her faith. The Playfoot family must pay $24,699 in court costs for bringing the case against the school. The girl's father, the Rev. Phil Playfoot, said, "This country is tolerant of any views except those of Christians."

As if to make his point, still another High Court has saved a diseased bull from death. A Hindu community worships the bull, named Shambo, and the court said to allow its slaughter would infringe on the human rights of the Hindus to practice their religion. The bull has tested positive for bovine tuberculosis. In keeping with agricultural safeguards, the animal must be destroyed. Evan Thomas, who represents the Farmers' Union of Wales on the Welsh Assembly TB action group, said: "This ludicrous ruling contradicts the principles upon which successful TB eradication programs throughout the world have been based for generations."

A society that forgets what it stands for quickly loses its ability to fight against threats to its existence. The media carry stories about drunkenness, drug use, cohabitation, spousal abuse, rape, child abuse, child abandonment and other threats to societal cohesion.

Britain is broken. The cause runs deeper than the Tories can address, even if they win the next election, which seems unlikely. Repairing what ails Britain will require a higher power than the fictional Harry Potter, or the high courts, which are quickly removing what remains of this country's religious heritage and traditions and practices, offering nothing but chaos in their place, which will have more long-lasting consequences than July's floods.

Cal Thomas

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