Cal  Thomas

All of this is appeasement in the extreme. In post-Christian, and in many cases anti-Christian Europe, (don't look for reprints of the Bible or an accurate newspaper story about the Resurrection of Jesus at Easter), nations that have allowed the immigration of large numbers of Muslims have failed to deal with the radicals among them. The radicals have deliberately refused to be "westernized," or assimilated, and Europe is now trying appeasement in hopes of pacifying people whose goal is not getting along, but obliterating them and their way of life.

All of this - with surely more on the way - comes from the flawed Western point of view that others will be nice to us if we are nice to them. Were this true, the prisons would be empty and there would be no need for burglar alarms and firearms to protect us from criminals. Evil exists and must be defeated, or evil will triumph.

One of the consequences of Europe's growing secularization is its jettisoning of the moral and theological concept of evil. Self-focused and intent only on pleasure, Europeans can no longer focus on much outside of their own personal worlds. This is like refusing to be interrupted when your house is on fire because you don't want to miss your favorite TV program.

The world is on fire, but Britain and much of the rest of Europe are not paying attention but its enemies are noticing. And while Europe's enemies arm themselves for war, they regard the European attitude toward them as unilateral surrender. Winston Churchill would have called it the gathering storm. As it has done before with severe consequences, modern Europe prefers to ignore the clouds.

Cal Thomas

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