Cal  Thomas

Seeking to justify the unjustifiable, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said nonmilitary items in the spending bill were necessary because those stingy Republicans who held the majority for 12 years neglected important needs. If that's true, rather than attach these items to an appropriations bill, why not introduce a measure that would fund such projects and then debate whether the federal government should spend our money on them?

This is the kind of politics many people, regardless of party, have grown to hate. Democrats promised to "clean up" the way Congress operated when they became the majority in January. They are rapidly becoming much like those they replaced, as Republicans mimicked the Democrats they replaced with their misspending and grabs for power for its own sake. The influence of lobbyists and the temptations that come with power are truly bipartisan.

President Bush correctly noted the "political theater" indulged in by the Democrats who know he will veto the bill if it arrives with timetables for a troop pullout from Iraq. The president should publicly name every member who slipped in pork to the supplemental spending bill, charge the Democratic leadership with vote buying and shame them before their constituents. Why should a congress that can't resist pork be expected to resist an enemy that never talks about timetables for withdrawal?

The islamofascists wish to use Iraq (along with Iran) as a base to destroy Israel and from there subjugate Europe before going after their ultimate objective: the United States. That isn't propaganda or politics; it's fact. They say it, and prove they mean it, every day. Meanwhile, disgraceful members of Congress buy and sell votes for self-serving purposes and in doing so fail to serve the nation and the freedom they have promised to preserve, protect and defend.

Cal Thomas

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