Cal  Thomas

This is the doctrine of the privileged and the pampered. It is salvation on the cheap. It makes the protestors feel good, even righteous, but does nothing to solve the problem, which isn't the United States, but a very real enemy that intends to kill us. Unlike Vietnam, the Islamofascists won't leave us alone if we leave Iraq before stability is established. They will send more fanatics to our shores. Watch the TV drama "24" for what could be our prophetic and imminent future with a nuclear device exploding in major cities. Having concluded we don't have the stomach to fight them on their turf, they might understandably deduce we are even less willing to fight them on ours.

While President Bush may have chosen Iraq and Afghanistan to counterattack in this war, the war would have come - and, indeed, had already come prior to the attacks on these two countries - had he decided to do nothing.

"Peace is controversial," said Jesse Jackson last weekend. His comment has about as much relevance in an age of terror as a declaration against lust. Peace doesn't result when America does nothing to confront evil. Peace comes through facing and defeating evil wherever and whenever we can. If freedom is not on the march against tyranny, then tyranny will be on the march against freedom. Neither is static. Peace doesn't "happen." To the extent peace can be attained on earth, it arrives through strength and willpower.

Forty years ago, the protestors pledged to achieve:

Harmony and understanding

Sympathy and trust abounding

No more falsehoods or derisions

Golden living dreams of visions

Mystic crystal revelation

And the mind's true liberation

They liberated neither their minds, nor the world. The Vietnamese who were murdered were not liberated. Today's terrorists will not be defeated if we embrace the inane doctrines of the protestors.

A better song for them might be Brenda Lee's "I'm Sorry," the first part of which goes:

"I'm sorry, so sorry

That I was such a fool"

Cal Thomas

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