Cal  Thomas

The Conservative Party vision statement offers no specifics about what it will do about any of this should voters elect David Cameron prime minister. Perhaps that is because it wants to avoid being labeled "intolerant" or "Islamophobic." Failing, however, to address this real concern among the British public will not make the issue go away. Following last summer's London subway and bus attacks, Tony Blair promised to crack down on "preachers of hate" and to close any mosque or Muslim school that advocated violence. He has been unable to do so, thanks mainly to liberal judges and lawyers who have manipulated Britain's legal system, allowing most of the mosques and Muslim schools to continue to preach and teach their extremist doctrines.

No party can lead without addressing security and uncontrolled immigration. It isn't about keeping people from enjoying a better life. It is about preserving life for those already here and for those who come in an orderly, legal and proportional fashion. Immigrants must be willing to transform themselves into complete British citizens, embracing the history, language, culture and laws of their adopted home. Anyone not wishing to do so should not come, or should be deported for trying to undermine that which serves the majority.

Still, the Conservative Party is on to something. America's Republican Party would do well to remember what it has forgotten, which is that power should not be used to perpetuate one's self in office, but to do good things. Democrats, who appear to have a chance at recapturing a congressional majority, should be required to offer a detailed "contract" of their own; one that would allow them to liberate themselves from the special interests and class warfare of the past and move into the 21st century with new ideas to deal with serious challenges at home and abroad.

Cal Thomas

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