Cal  Thomas

Health officials respond to plagues by isolation and eradication. Their objective is not only to control the spread of a disease, but also to kill it so it won’t infect others. If that is an effective method for combating a plague, why is it not also a good strategy for combating the islamofascist plague?

This isn’t about “civil rights” and constitutional protection. These people use our Constitution to protect themselves so they can kill us. And this is decidedly not a game. It is life and death. We want to live and they want us dead. Any questions?

If the London bombing plot had succeeded and thousands had died, would we stop playing defense and be more aggressive on offense? The FBI’s chief of counterterrorism, Joseph Billy Jr., says the bureau is currently investigating 10,000 terrorism cases in the United States, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places. Is that frightening enough to be proactive? If not, would a nuclear device, or the threat of several nuclear devices exploding in major American cities do it?

As Blair struggles to do the right thing by deporting at least some islamofascists and silencing a few preachers of hate, why aren’t we Americans shutting their Waahabi-funded schools and mosques and deporting those who preach hate, sedition, Sharia law for all and the overthrow of the government? We had better overthrow them before they overthrow us. Who can doubt their ultimate objective?

Cal Thomas

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